Frequently Asked Questions about MeteoLogic

Weather services

What types of forecasts do you provide?
Our standard products are text- and graphical-based forecast products for mining and energy clients. These of course may be applicable to - or could be tailored - to other clients, such as business in the construction, transport, disaster mitigation industries or others. Any business that is affected by the weather.

We augment these standard products with tailorings to meet specific needs of clients - for example, notification by SMS if conditions are expected to meet some pre-defined criteria nominated by the client (eg forecast wind speeds expected to exceed certain thresholds, or dust risk ratings expected to rise into "High" levels on the following day).

Do humans issue your forecasts, or are they simply direct computer model outputs?
Our primary focus is forecast generated by our human forecasters. They are able to consider multiple computer models to asses possible scenarios, and incorporate their own experience and analysis into the forecasts.
If requested by clients we can of course provide direct computer model forecasts, in text- or graphical-based formats. We aim to meet all needs of our clients.

Do you just provide weather forecasts? What about weather event reports? Or weather observations?
We are experienced in providing many different weather services, including:
- weather event reports (for insurance/re-insurance companies, mining companies, energy companies etc)
- weather data (climatological averages, recent observations, computer model forecasts)

What data do you use in delivering your services?
Most data is identical to that used by the Bureau of Meteorology:
- computer models (from the Bureau of Meteorology; the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting; NOAA from the USA)
- observations directly from the Bureau of Meteorology
- satellite imagery from the Japanese Meteorological Agency (via the Bureau of Meteorology)
- radar data from the Bureau of Meterology's radar network

We also source data from other sources (eg clients' weather station networks) or countries.
We then use our own systems to manipulate that information and generate output products for clients.

What parameters can you forecast?
The standard parameters that we forecast are the key surface weather elements: wind speed and direction, air temperature, dew point, pressure. We then extend these to higher layers of the atmosphere for specific products, mostly related to atmospheric stabiliity. Once we have this set of basic weather parameter forecasts, we are able to derive additional parameters, such as dust risk ratings for mine sites, atmospheric stability and lapse rates for mine blasting, EDD/CDD/HDD values for energy clients and so on.

How accurate are your forecasts?
A standard element in all of our products is rigorous verification. We provide an ongoing demonstration to our clients of our accuracy. This of course depends on observations being available for us to verifiy against - we are always very keen to receive observations back from businesses in order to help improve our accuracy.

We do have methods to take into account forecast products that do not have corresponding observations.

If you would like a report on our accuracy for a particular forecast type or parameter prior to enlisting our services, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.