We are there when you need us

Preparing and issuing our forecast and data products using the best meteorological science is only the first step in our service to you. We are there when you need us to provide support, relating to either the weather (and critical situations impacting your business) or the ICT systems used in delivering these services to you.

ICT support
Our IT support is available 24/7, 365 days a year.
We know you need a consistent and reliable feed of data.
Phone: <hotline provided to clients>
Email: ict_supportmeteologic.com.au

General assistance
Not sure of the implications of a forecast for your operations?
Want to know possible alternative scenarios?
Clients have direct access to a forecaster.
Phone: 07 3103 7531
Email: forecastermeteologic.com.au

Critical events
When critical weather is imminent, you can register for 24/7
support from MeteoLogic forecasters.
Phone: <hotline provided to clients>
Email: criticalmeteologic.com.au