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Delivering tailored weather forecasts and information to your business

MeteoLogic is a private commercial weather services company that focuses on delivering weather forecasts, alerts and consulting services tailored to the needs and operational requirements of businesss clients. MeteoLogic utilises the latest developments in meteorological science and technology and applies them to a variety of weather products applicable to your business.

Commercial weather services provide a low-cost solution to an expensive problem, where our forecasting and alerting services prove invaluable to mines, event planners, sporting events and other weather-dependent businesses when compared with the cost of replacing vital resources. Our weather services are an inexpensive way to defend against the financial risk and loss of reputation that significant weather events can bring.

Our qualified and experienced meteorologists focus on how weather is expected to impact on your business operations, and provide a suite of products that are:

- tailored to your needs (e.g. thresholds tailored to your operations)
- available when you need them (e.g. pre-defined issue times, or event dependent)
- delivered through communication channels that meet your requirements (e.g. email/web/SMS/phone)


MeteoLogic brings specialised skills and special focus to clients in the following industries
Our products range from specialised forecasts for dust risk and atmospheric stability (related to blasting operations) and quantitative forecasts of flooding rains, to more generic forecasts of winds, weather, temperatures, humidity and rainfall. We deliver new tools and assistance to mining operators.
Tailored information for any outdoor event is available, including sporting events (such as tennis and golf), concerts and any other weather-dependent activity. Forecast products as well as real-time monitoring and alerting are available. Our qualified meteorologists keep an eye on the weather and let you know when conditions will threaten your event. Whether it is the risk of lightning for attendees and participants, heat stress for players, wind speed loading on equipment, or any other potential weather impact - MeteoLogic can provide detailed and accurate information to keep people safe and your event running to plan.
Insurance and forensic meteorology
Weather impacts everyone. Insurance companies and legal firms can rely on MeteoLogic to provide expert, detailed and comprehensive advice and reports on past weather events to inform their business decisions.
With suites of tailored products designed for generators, distributors and retailers, we help integrate past, present and future weather into your day-to-day operations. From high resolution time series data to historical data and longer-term climatic outlooks for load forecasting models - plus everything in between - MeteoLogic provides all the weather data, meteorological advice and accurate forecasts that you require in ways that meet your needs.
Let MeteoLogic provide the weather input to your projects while you focus on your core business. We are skilled and experienced in preparing reports and investigations regarding the weather aspects of your projects or business decisions. Reports that are comprehensive; accurate; and have detail relevant to the scope you specify.