Weather products and services

Mining-related weather services
A suite of forecasting services are available to assist mines with their specific operational needs. An experienced meteorologist prepares all products, and is available to provide clarification and further information. Products range from specific products for dust and stability purposes, as well as more general products to assist with planning and OH&S considerations.

Mining services

Sporting events and outdoor events
We have considerable experience in delivering tailored weather forecasts and real-time briefings for major sporting events and cultural events, ranging from major Grand Finals and tennis tournaments to televised concerts attended by thousands of people at major venues. Whatever the weather impacts of interest are for that event, MeteoLogic can provide written products and verbal briefings to keep organisers aware of the risks. Typical impacts of interest that we provide information about are thunderstorms (as part of the risk management plan of the event organiser), rainfall, wind speed (particularly for events with specific wind load limits on light towers, video screens or temporary structures), and even dew for motorcycle stunt shows.

Insurance and forensic meteorology services
Our team of qualified and experienced meteorologists is available to prepare meteorologic reports detailing past or recent weather events, or provide expert analysis of the cause of observed severe weather. From a one-off report for a specific weather event or series of events, through to regular descriptions of significant weather across the country, we have a range of options to suite your specific needs.

Energy industry weather and data services
Comprehensive forecast and data services are available for network operators and retailers in the energy industry. Official Bureau of Meteorology observations can be provided in the formats you require. Our forecasting services are second-to-none, with a suite of tailored products to meet your needs, ranging from CSV files of high time resolution weather parameters, through to graphical and GIS-ready forecast products.

Other weather-related services
Regardless of the industry you are in or the needs you need filled, if it relates to weather then MeteoLogic would like to help. We have experience in providing weather service to clients in such industries as construction, aviation and planning, as well as many others. Our high quality data feeds and experience in data analysis and presentation make us a key partner in assessing the impact of weather on your operations. Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation analysis of your weather needs and a description of how we may be able to assist.